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10 delegations from 10 different countries. 140 kids in 5 different workshops.

In the workshop truth and media they will tell you about truth, lies, fake news and all the experiences they make during their stay here in Trogen.

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Blog Post Number 1


Today in our workshop we had a puzzle to solve: an online escape room, called escapefake. In this workshop we got to experience the excitement of solving puzzles and riddles. It was like being transported into a virtual escaperoom. 

During the workshop we were given a series of puzzles, codes and quizzes. The game started by getting a message from a hacker from the future and after a few minutes into the game it started to unfold as a story.

The game escapefake is a free-to-play augmented rality game which takes the players through a digital escape room in order to fix the future by debunking fake news. by scanning pictures combining 3D objects and answering quizzes. 

Its all about using our problem-solving skills and thinking outside the box. its like being a part of our very own adventure.

With escapefake, learning about fake news is exciting, challanging, rewarding and teaches us the dangers of the media and being online.


Fake news has become a major issue in todays digital age. With the amount of information available online it can be challenging to distinguish between what's real and what's not.

Yesterday in the workshop we made an experiement about how fast can we make up false news and how easily people believe lies. 

Each of us made some fake news and sent it to friends or family and had to keep it up for 24 hours. We had a lot of funny reactions, others were even scared or worried, linke in our experiement: We made our family believe that we smoked weed with friends by sending them a video showing us holding a cigarette and a lighter. They all believed it and the reaction was as expected: they were scared, worried and most likely  confused. 

Here's another funny example: Two boys sent a message to a friend group telling them it's their favourite teachers birthday today (even though it wasn't) and asking them to send a video of them singing to him. The plan failed when one of the students sent a message to that teacher early wishing them happy birthday. All of them were surprised and some even annoyed, but for the two boys it was a funny experiement.

Overall we all had so much fun and learned something: how easy it is to trick people online and how easy it is for us to believe something that might not be true.


After these experiements, we got a chance to work on our separate projects: Social Media Posts, Video production, this blog and a radio show. Stay tuned for more!

Blog Post Number 2



In today's digital age, our online presence plays a significant role in our lives. We share pictures, post updates, and connect with others through comments and likes. Its important to remember the impact our actions can have on others, especially when it comes to addressing cyberbullying. 

To visualize this better we were invited to participate in an experiment: we logged into a fake social media network, where there was a post about a girl who wanted to show her new haircut. Then each of us were given roles to participate in this social network and comment on the picture. We could be a hater (bully), a helper or just ourselves.

We could write whatever we wanted, adhering to our roles. It was quite easy for some people to write negative comments in the role of “bullies”, while it was a bit more difficult for “helpers'' to smooth things out and get haters to calm down. Later the comments got out of control where we realized how quickly it can escalate. We understood the situation better. There were all sorts of reactions about what we wrote in our roles, but when we found out that the girl in the picture was a real girl who committed suicide as a victim of online bullying, we understood the state of the situation and remained silent. It wasn’t a game anymore.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue that affects countless individuals, causing emotional distress and harm. By using comments, likes, and posts in a positive and supportive way, we can create a virtual community that stands against cyberbullying, we contribute to a culture of support and encouragement.

It`s a small action that can have a big impact. Let’s avoid negative comments that can hurt people’s feelings. Let’s share some love instead. Stay positive!

Blog Post Number 3

Visit to St. Gallen

Yesterday we had the chance to visit a beautiful city called St. Gallen. First our group headed to the old library of the town, which is known for its old parchment paper books. The paper of these book are made of the skin of sheeps and goats and its  way more long lasting than normal paper made today. The local monks job was to create them and to keep them safe. 
About the library itself it is very dazzling with its old architecture, the wooden shelves and rails. The ceiling is covered with old christian paintings about saints and angels. There we looked at an exhibition of an old music book for monks, a travel diary and more intresting books that were hand-written hundred of years ago. We could also see an old globe with amasing drawings, one showing the Garden of Adam and Eve.

For the next attraction we went to the cities chatedral. We were all amazed by just the outside of the chatedral by how sky-high it is, not to talk about the inside. The chatedral was bilt in the baroque age and when we entered our jaws just dropped. Almost everywhere where we looked were fake marble pillars and golden ornaments not to mention just how gigantic its inner space is.
Its chatedrals story starts with saint Gallen who arrived there and when he planned to leave a bear stopped him. When he asked the bear to bring him some firewood the bear did and he decided that this was a sign from God himself that he had to stay here.

We also went to look around town where we learned about the towns linen making history. It made the town rich in the past so much that they could visit all around the globe and bring back exotic fruits and objects. And we learned that people here have a saying: ,,stone rich" which means they had the money to build a stone house.

We also went to the university of St. Gallen and looked at the exhibition there. We saw a lot of modern art and also illusions painted on the walls. We also looked at one of the sculptures of the famous artist Alberto Giacometti in the main builing of the university. The most suprising thing was that we could touch the painting and art pieces.

Overall we had a lot of fun and could experience a lot of sites that the town offered us. Everyone found something close to their hearts and could enjoy every part of the tour. 

Blog Post Number 4

The perfect app

Today we talked about how would a perfect app look like. The delegations worked together on their dream social media site or an app and we had to complete the task in half an hour. Everyone put their backgrounds and best ideas into them and the end results shoved that very well. 
A lot of works shoved that the perfect communication app shouldnt be anonymus by logging in with an ID. Everyone agreed that bad comments and  explicit content should be banned completely. Some even said that there shouldnt be comments or likes at all. 
Everyone wanted to create a safe space where people can get help from each other or from professionals. 
tree-gram is an app where you can get points for every good action where you help the environment. The bigger impact of the act the more points you get. Every 50 points equal a tree planted in your country. Instead of followers you have how many trees you got planted. And every 5000 points your countys government will have to take serious actions against climate change.
it is an app that belongs to national minorities. It has two functions: one is for national minorities to dicuss about everyday life of one chosen county. For example if you choose Croatia you get to chat with croatian people about their problems and anything else you can think of. Hate comment will be instantly delited and replaced by ###. The second option is for political parties where they can post an update and see the peolples reactions. If anyone has questions they are free to ask anythink and be answered by the public and the political parties themselves.


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