International Summercamp

Summer Camp 2023 is finally here! Through several Radio shows, we will broadcast to the world everything that the participants from all over Europe will learn and experience during these two weeks in the Children's Village.

Summer camp 2023 has started! About 150 children from Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, North Macedonia and Switzerland which is the host, arrived at Pestalozzi Children`s Village. There are 15, 16 and 17 year-old children.

Our media team wants to say hi to you, there is 26 of us and we are: Silvia, Sorina, Nichita, Alex, Cristian, Selen, Zeynep O., Zeynep N., Andrijana, Kosta, Dunja, Vojin, Mara, Naderknan, Amelia, Jan, Wojciech, Dawid, Mia, Toni, Luka, Mia M., Eda, Vesa, Filip, Ana.

1st day

On our first day we had a tour of Pestalozzi village which showed where we will be spending our next 2 weeks. Shortly after that we had our first course with the house we were sorted in.

At the course we had to write three facts about us then talk about them with our housemates. We learned a lot of interesting things about each other.

 After the courses we had a list of chores to do and all of the people in the house had to split in 4 different groups. After dinner we had a campfire where we roasted marshmallows. During the end of the campfire there was a march in which the Coordinators and Delegates of the houses introduced themselves.

2nd day

On the 2nd day we got to choose our courses you could choose between : ”There is no planet B”, ‘’Love & the power of the people”, “Break the silence”, “Media in our daily lives” and “inner peace”. We choose the courses in the gym and the supervisors had prepared a fun game for us to play, and we represented our house through different dances and plays. We had free time and most of us played volleyball. We had a lunch in the village square and we got free time till 2 pm. And after dinner we had a water fight and we could paint rocks if we wanted to.

3rd day

In the morning we had courses which we choose after the breakfast. There was a big thunderstorm so it was kind of hard to get around the camp, so we had to finish our lunch early in the village square because of the storm. Later this day there is supposed to be a football game but it is unclear if it will take place because of the weather. We hope you will tune into our radio show this evening!


Evening activities

Hello again everybody, yesterday we had our first radio show. We were all excited and also very nervous. Luckily it went well. In our afternoon  workshop we split in five groups. Everyone had different assignments. Each group decided on topics they wanted to talk about. All the groups had 15 minutes to represent themselves. Our radio station is actually a vehicle- van. We also had freedom to play songs that we picked. There was an automatic camera in the van that took pictures of us approximately every ten seconds. So we were able to see ourselves while we were talking.

As we already said it all went great and we are looking forward to our next radio show.


After the radio show we had an activity at the youth club. In the painting room they gave us white socks and shirts. We were given an opportunity to use our creativity and paint them however we wanted  with a technique called tie-dye. All the needed equipment were ready. First we dipped our shirts and socks in the colored water and then we had to rinse them. We are still waiting for them to dry. Of course, we will update you about the end results.

Food Bazar

The Food Bazar is an inclusive event where countries come together to showcase their cultural heritage and traditional cuisines. Participating countries included Moldova, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, and Switzerland. The event commenced at 19:30, although one country (Switzerland) arrived slightly late, without specifying names. The event featured a wide array of national dishes, candies, sodas, and homemade desserts. Each country also presented their traditional dances, except for Croatia, who opted for a Croatia-themed quiz instead.


5th Day

Our day started with breakfast and then we went to our lessons,we ve meet our new friends who we encounter them in the summer camp. I learned new things and spoken to them and we ve decided to write a letter for the future so this letter will be send in our countries. After a hard work we went to create a social media project so with this we discovered some new apps where is used in another countries for example to chat or have some fun with friends. 

Moreover on workshop social media different groups spoke on radio about the food bazar ,also we debated a story called Abigale, about different points of views that everyone has, we also retold the story in different mindsets so we can see how the media can change the content according to its favors.

The evening ended with a beautiful sunset and bracelets in our hand that we made in the youth club.


On Saturday everyone has a nice trip to find the beautiful places in Switzerland .Moldavian children with the Serbian ones ,visited together the Rheinfall .They took the boat near to waterfall so they could feel the water and indescribable emotions. Also they bought a lot of traditional things for example a magnets ,food, and clothes. Then ,in the same group they were in Zurich ,one of the most expensive city in Europe. They did a long walk and spend a lot of money there.

For the Macedonians and the Turks the day started before everyone else. The plan was to visit Zurich and Lucerne. In Lucerne they had a nice tour around the city and were amazed from the Swiss style of architecture, also all of us had to get refreshers because of the hot weather. Zurich was quite beautiful , we had some fun experience for example we met a Chinese woman who taught us some Chinese meditation methods and explored the subway going into some shops.

Croatians went to the Technorama science museum. In the museum, they could see various areas in science such as physics, chemistry, geography, mechanics, electricity,… They could also preform experiments themselves in the laboratory and through the museum. They spend 3 hours in the museum and even that was not enough. The most interesting thing for them was in the wind and when water poured over them, they all wet, but they were still happy and smiling. After that they went to St.Gallen and they walked a little around town and did some shopping.

Well one thing is for sure everyone had lots of fun and im pretty sure they were all tired from all the exploring so we just chilled around the village for the rest of the evening.


Croatia visited a cheese factory on Sunday, where they could see how cheese is made, how long it takes to harden, how it dries and they could also test different flavors of cheese and fresh milk. Everyone was delighted with the taste of homemade cheese. After the tour, they slowly went home to be rested for Monday. In Sunday I went in the Santis with my group from Moldova and Serbia. The mountain was like two and a half kilometres high, it's not the biggest mountain in the world but it's still something. The journey was scary for some people with the fear of heights, and for a boy who felts a little dizzy on the way up. To the santis we went by bus and after we came to the bottom of the mountain and had a sandwitch break while the cable car, which all of us were supposed to be in, was moving above our head. That was the first moment where we were able to see who was scared and whos not. We got in the cable car and drove for 20 minutes, the view from inside was beautiful,i mean only if you got a good seat. When we got out we saw a lot of suvenir shops and a good number of us bought a thing or two, then there were stairs and the elevator, which both were headed to the top. Everybody impatiently started climbing just to see the view and trust us it was worth it and we highly reccommend going to santis. The weather was great and you were able to wear a simple t-shirt but look at the leftover snow from last winter. It was also windy so taking pictures with ur hair going everywhere was the only issuse. Getting down was also a very fun experience because the cable car stopped for 2 minutes it just gave us more time to appreciate the beauty of swiss nature through our window. After the trip in the Santis, some people from the Moldovain group went in San Gallen for a walk through the city, we took the train in and out of the city. Some of us hoped some shops were open, but we forgot we are in Switzerland. We had a one and a half hours for to explore the city by ourselves. Some went to Mc donalds, some made photos with expensive cars like Ferrari or Bentley. After all that we made our way back to the village.

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