Internationales Summercamp

Summer Camp 2022 is finally here! Through several Radio shows, we will broadcast to the world everything that the participants from all over Europe will learn and experience during these two weeks in the Children's Village.

Hello everybody, this is Anastasia, Amin, Artiom, Andrej, Veronica, Matilda, Kacper, Matt, Jovan, Anna, Max, Olesia, Sophia, Celine, Vlera, Sara, Ivana, Tringa, Nikola, Jagna, Juliana, Adrian, Tarik, Andrija, Max, Adelina, Julia and Ula from the media workshop. Today you are going to find out what we did the past two days at the Pestalozzi SummerCamp.



The first day after the arrival we had a camp tour and then met lots of people from the eight different countries: Serbia, Moldova, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Swizerland and Ukraine. We met them during the activities in the camp, which were quite challenging, as we had to find a common language, English. Even though it was demanding the rainbow rules, saved us. Also, on the first day we had the chance to choose among four workshops: Power of Peace, Gender Matters, The Future is Us and Media in our daily lives. Finally at the end of the day, we had evening ceremony at the Youth Club. We had the chance to chill with the other youths from the other countries in the youth club. It was so much fun, we played some loud music, played billard, flipper and ate some delicious banana bread, grilled by Ahmed who works in the youth club. At 9.30 pm the actual Evening Ceremony started, led by our Delegators and Coordinators from the General Assembly. It was a surprise for everybody that they planned so we didn't know anything whats gonna happen. They lightened up some Firesticks and marched to the village square. There we sang some songs together and had a great time. Finally they lit up the eternal flame and the Summercamp was declared open.


Day two was the first day in our chosen Workshopgroups. Our course always starts at 9 am in the morning. At first we played a game called find someone who and its similar to bingo, only that you don't need to find numbers, instead you need to find someone who (ex.) has more than 3 siblings and collect as many signes until the whole paper was full. After that we went inside and started with the first topic: Identity. We learned more about ourselves and our groupmembers, for example with the activity What do I like? In a group of two we had to ask each other what we like and so we could learn more about each other. Also we could get in a conversation with one another and make new friends. At the lunchbreak we had our first radioshow and it was absolutely amazing. We could give some song recommendations and could talk about our experience so far. In the afternoon the course starts at 2 pm, we started with some warm ups outside because the weather is just perfect. After that we continued with the topic identity and learned more about ourselves with the activity Who am I? There we needed to write down some adjectives or nouns of who we are, for example I am a sister, a brother, a teacher, a good listener. After that we started with the preparation of our Radioshow. We did 7 groups of 4 people (including the blog group), what means that every group can talk 10 minutes on the radio. We are very excited for our first radioshow, tune in at 7pm to listen what our group has experienced so far. 

Yesterday we started with a game called name curtain. It was super fun and it helped us to remember the names of our group members.

Afterwards we had one hour time to prepare for the radio show in the evening. We were really excited to talk in the radio.

Then we went to the sexual health education workshop which, was very informative and the topics were explained very clearly. We wrote down some questions the day before so the teachers could be prepared for them. We all got the answers we wanted. We learned lot's of new stuff.

During our radio show we talked about our countries. Our group talked about traditional foods, which was very enjoyable because, who doesnt love food!

In the afternoon we had workshops intiated by our supervisors, wich we all choose the day before. The subjets of the workshops were very interesting because we have very talented supervisors.

Then we went to grab dinner from the kitchen, everyone got a surprise bag with swiss snacks. Everybody loved it!

To end a long and a hot day, there was karaoke organized for the students in the youth club. It was very fun for the youngsters and we saw some talented people with incredible voices express their skilful vocals.

Overall it was a very eventfull rememberable day.



Our day started good. In beginning we did a tic-tac-toe game, but we needed to run to place mark and run back to our teammates and give him a high five to allow other teammates to start running. After the game we came back to classroom and we talked about how much time we spend on our phones and learned something about web browsers. Then we needed to fil up the survey about how much time we lose on phone, while we doing some daily activities. After that we had a break and while everyone went to square for lunch, we played basketball with Robin, who was bare foot. When lunch was finished and we had a paus, we went back to the classroom for second workshop. We saw pictures of different people sticked on the wall. We had blank paper beside each picture and everybody had to write an anonym comment for those pictures. Later we had a short break and when we came back, two beautiful people took us outside to make us wet! Outside we played a game where one of us sat in the middle, while everybody formed a circle around him. He was blindfolded and when he started saying tick-tack, we passed around a wet sponge. When the person in the middle said “Booom” the player with the wet sponge in their hands has to hold the spon over the head and squeeze it to get a refreshement. After that nice little break we went back and focused on our radioshow for tonight. So listen to our radioshow tonight and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Blog.

We are on our 5th day of the summercamp and we can all agree on the fact, that the days here are very energetic and dynamic. Yesterday wasn’t the exception neither, because the whole camp went on a walk, where we got a chance to see the waterfalls. It was exhausting so eveybody woke up tired this morning. Nevertheless, everyone came here excited to learn new things. When we got to school, a bunch of fun activities were waiting for us. Today’s topic was mass media in each country so we talked about printpress, online media, radio and TV chanels. The most captivating excersises was the one in which we devided in groups of 7 and each group had a different topic. We had 4 topics and our assignment was to make a poster about our topic. Everyone successfully did their assignment and each group did it in a different way. We all presented our posters to eachother and explained them the way massmedia works in the different countries. After that our supervisors started a discussion about a press freedom and our task was to rank our countries. Most of us were surprised by the actual list. We were all wrong about our country raiting. It was much lower than what we had predicted. Know, other youth from our group are preparing for a radioshow that is at 13:00. It would be nice to listen and enjoy in theirs radishows. Till tomorrow:)

Hello everyone in this blog we will talk about our weekend, first of all we started our Saturday morning with a nice breakfast, after we eated everyone hopped on a bus and went to Zurich, there we saw two clock towers and had a nice walk around the city. After that we had a free time to do what we want, most went shopping but everybody had a lot of fun and Zurich is an amazing city. When our free time was over, we all came back to were the bus was and took a trip to Rhine Falls. The waterfalls were an amazing experience, we took a boat ride on the river under the waterfalls and had a great time. The best feeling was definetly feeling of cold mist from water which on a hot day like that one, was super refreshing. The experience of Rhine Falls is not possible to be explained with words, you have to see it for yourself. But overall falls were incredible and i don't regret a second spent there. After soaking up all the beauty and views we went back where we had a chance to buy some cool souvenirs. After that we got on a bus because it was already late and we came back to camp. We came to Pestalozzi childrens village around 7, ate dinner and from there on we had free time till bed. 

Sunday started pretty much the same, the only difference was how much time we had for sleep because we went in separated groups and we had a reservation for each group. For example my group could sleep untill 10am but the other group had to wake up at 7:30am. First thing in the morning we had a breakfast and after that was done we started our trip to Säntis. My group had some free time so we spent a little time in St. Gallen, the city is so beautiful and fun. After that we went on Alps that is, Santis. When we arrived there were park a lot expensive and pretty cars, from classy old timers to brand new supercars, all boys were stunned and fascinated meanwhile girls werent so interested. But what everybody was shocked and amazed about were the incredible views from Säntis peak. The Säntis left everyone else speachless. There are some pictures because that miraculous thing can't be explained with words. We got and returned from Säntis peak to botton with cable car which nods and 100% is safe its made just as fun attraction, but still a lot of people were scared and were screaming. And thats how our weekend flew away. Now we are on to the second week of Summercamp and we are super excited for whats coming up till we leave the village. 

After this beautifull weekend we went back to the workshops. It was the last part of our mediaworkshop and the topic was shitstorm. all of as needed their mobilephones. We get a roll, which we had to play in the next learning-exercies. Everybody scanned a quercode and we were on a postingwebside. Posted was a photo from a young woman and alredy some comments. Our rolls were cyberbully, attented helper or yourself. we all commented the picture and some of them were bad, some of them funny or helpfull. After some minutes we read together the comments and discussed. The task showed it really good, how fast it could went on, until a shitstorm is created.

In the afternoon we had a new topic with all the childrend from the summercamp together. We learnd more about the humanrights. First we watched a short videoclip who explaind fast the humanrights. After it we went back in the classrooms and discussed about political subjects, for example; the voting age should be 16.

At this day we had to cook our own dinner. Every country had to cook some typical food and at the foodbazar we shared it and tried the new food from the others. In the end averything was eaten.


On thursday we had to present our workshop to the other childrens from the other workshops. In the beginning was it difficult to remember us, what we all had done, but in the end we all created a nice programm. we made 4 groups. Two of this groups presented the shitstorm and the others made the picture-comment-game. in the end of the presentaion every group playd some funny warmup games.

The other workshops were also very interessted. One talked about the sustainability of countrys, the other presented some ideas of peace and war and the last group showed ud, what they had learned in the gender workshop.

Ones in the summer camp also we had the chance to creat our own workshop. Everyperson who wanted to, could offer a workshop to the other participations. We have some impressions from the wednesday afternoon.

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