European Youth Forum Trogen

Das European Youth Forum findet bereits zum 4. Mal im Kinderdorf Pestalozzi, mit Jugendlichen aus 11 Delegationen, statt.

The European Yout Forum is taking place for the 4th time at the Children's village foundation Pestalozzi - with teens from 11 delegations.

"Finding the truth" is the mission of the media-workshop group held at powerup Radio. Find out what today's European youngsters - growing up in a fun-oriented, fast-moving society - have to say about fake news and how we can decipher false information. Will they find answers to the really big questions?

We will go on a treasure hunt for "the truth"!

Listen to a daily workshop reflexion:

Sunday 4.30pm

Monday 3.30pm

Tuesday 4pm

Wednesday 11.30am

Thursday 3.30pm

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